Cats: Sept 2015

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hanging up my garden gloves


growing romaine

Time and time again I read about the “benefits of gardening”, and as much as I am convinced this is so, I wanted to share a different take on the movement….

I have “attempted to enjoy gardening” for years, but it seems it is not for everyone. I am dedicated to the outdoors, nature and all it has to offer and prepare my meals and eat / spend time outdoors daily. But gardening….nyet. After years of work with community gardens and CSA’s, I am finally comfortable to admit it. What finally clenched my efforts happened while clearing a community garden plot: it was hot and muggy, and I was pulling weeds. I don’t have a problem with weeds, but it seems like everyone else in the community was *bothered* by a messy gardener, so I got to work. A yank here and a snatch there, and you’d think that’s all there is to it? Not so! I pulled out a handful and suddenly heard the shrill from what I thought was a new bird not heard before. High pitched and loud, I looked overhead, and couldn’t spot anything. And then I heard it again – an awful screech. I looked down, and there it was – a litter of baby field mice. I must’ve torn their nest apart and mother was gone. It was awful; the most terrifying tiny screaming I could ever imagine. I was crushed. Was it really that important for me to tear up this land for a silly tomato or squash? I could buy this from a local farmer’s market. Here I was destroying the habitat of wildlife – for what? I am killing little lives for a couple of vegetables. I had enough. Our local farmer has been growing on the same land for years; the wildlife knows the routine, and there are plenty of surrounding forests / land to escape to. But here, between schools and houses, the only place to run are the streets… Gardening? Nice for some, but it’s really not the panacea (for everyone) it is made out to be……

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Soyuzivka Workers, early 70’s

Early 70's

SOYUZIVKA workers: early 70’s

Lot’s of familiar faces! Some no longer with us….   Please excuse any bad spelling, and if you can fill in the blanks with ID’s, let us know who they are and we’ll update the list  🙂

Top row, from left: Roman Kyzyk (RIP); ___; ___; Alex Chudolij; ___; Lubko Mudryj; Victor Lapychak; ___; ___; Paul Paliyenko; Nestor __; Myron Szkafarowsky; John Flis; Bohdan Hanushevsky; Oleh Pokora

2nd row, from left: Mira Kyzyk (Odezynsky); ___; ___; Ann Zerebniak; Lydia Lodynsky; Oxana ___; ___; Olha Dlaboha; Marta Kolensky; Ann Hezzey; Adriana Paliyenko; ___; Rozalia Koziupa; Vera Kawac; Roma Maslanka

1st row, seated, from left: John Kocur;___; Olenka Galadza (Hanushevsky); ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; Lydia Dombrowsky; Jeannie Formaniuk; Oksana Tromsa (?); Anna Dydyk; AND the MOST LOVED & CHERISHED  – “YOU FIRED” – Walter Kwas!!!

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Cedar Waxwing

cedar-waxwingFirst time I spotted a Cedar Waxwing in our backyard; beautiful bird (stock photo)

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neighbor’s cat outside…

a new neighbor moved in across the way, and she has a wonderful cat; the cat is terrific. She was adopted from a “feral life”, and in her transformation, has really taken to staying indoors. She is rather old (17 years). I am stuck again wondering: the owner insists the “cat is dying to go outside”, but every time I see the cat, she is sitting on the porch, tabbyCatclawing at the screen door and handle, trying to get back in. Yet the owner will leave her there, sometimes all day, and into the night. The cat does not look comfortable outside. It is not the cat that is dying to stay out – it is the owner who “thinks so”……

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how pet cats in Arctic are affecting the beluga whales and food chain….


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St. Francis prayer

St. Francis prayer
Posted on May 17, 2013 by llida
“Did St. Francis preach to the birds?
Whatever for? If he really liked birds
he would have done better to preach to cats.”
– Rebecca West, This Real Night, 1985

….thank you Rev. John Gibbons

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from Feral to Indoor: it CAN be done :)

Last night on “My Cat from Hell”, a feral cat was converted to an indoor cat. “Galaxy” (the television show’s cat expert), is quite the character, and for those who say it can’t be done, watch the clip. These people love their cat and are responding to that love responsibly. KUDOS!


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