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Enclosures for Your Pet Cat 

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cat enclosure that is sure to please BOTH you and your cat! 


Outdoor Cat Runs

Cat Proof Fencing, Cat Enclosures, 
Cat Runs, Cat Tunnels & more
Ideas on how to build a safe Outdoor Cat Run or Cat Enclosure. 

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Our readers have been kind enough to share with us pictures of cat enclosures and cat runs they have built. Today's outdoor cat enclosure needn't be just a cat cage, it can be a piece of work to be proud of. What better example than the Deluxe cat enclosure built by Murray and Jeanette for their cats.

It is complete with pond, waterfall and tunnels for cats to explore.

Cat proof fences can enclose the whole or part of your yard giving your cat freedom to the outside world but within the safety of the confines of your garden. See photos below of cat proof fencing

A cat run built outside your house, maybe enclosing the side of your house as pictured below may be an option for you, or cat tunnels starting at your house with a cat flap and leading to an outdoor area might be what you are looking for. Cat tunnels are a fantastic way to let your cat outdoors. Marianna has a great idea with a series of cat tunnels that run through her yard leading to a cat playground and Cat Gym

Cat Netting for pet enclosures. You can use the special netting to to make a safe outdoor area for your cat. You could enclose the  patio or the side of the house. See pictures below.

There are several professional pet run builders.